Dearonne Bethea is an entrepreneur and investor who has been shaping the business and real estate landscape since 2003. With a remarkable journey starting at the age of 20 while serving in the military, Dearonne has amassed over $100 million in business and real estate assets and is the proud host of Hawaii’s largest yearly business and real estate conference.


Having experienced the grind of living paycheck to paycheck and yearning for autonomy, Dearonne understands the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs. Despite lacking formal education and resources, his relentless pursuit of big dreams led him to question the feasibility of success without traditional paths.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of working tirelessly without progress or trapped in a mundane 9-5 routine, Dearonne can relate. Through his conferences and coaching, he has guided countless individuals facing similar struggles.

Recognizing the importance of systems and processes in business growth, Dearonne emphasizes the need to leverage technology for scalability. With the right tools in place, he believes anyone can achieve financial freedom and secure their family’s future for generations.

A testament to his philosophy, Dearonne boasts over 82 streams of income, prestigious awards such as Hawaii’s SBA Veteran Owner of the Year, and ownership of 1,200 multifamily units—all while serving in the United States Army, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer Four.

For Dearonne, wealth creation extends beyond monetary gains; it’s about leaving a lasting legacy. This vision inspired him to create The Business & Real Estate Blueprint Course, merging business and real estate to pave the way for financial success.

From humble beginnings in North Carolina to building a multimillion-dollar empire, Dearonne’s story serves as inspiration for seasoned investors and newcomers alike. Join his community, and together, let’s learn, grow, and achieve financial freedom.

Retired Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4)

A retired Chief Warrant Officer 4, who found his path at 18 by enlisting in the military, dearoone took his opportunity for a second chance out of poverty to change his life. Two deployments and 20 years of service later, he’s retired as of this May, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and growth.

CEO of Band of Brothers Investment Group (BOBIG)

In 2014 Dearonne Bethea took a chance and founded Band of Brothers Investment Group, a dynamic force driving his diverse portfolio of businesses, strategic investments, and a flourishing real estate empire. With visionary leadership and astute decision-making, he has cultivated an impressive legacy, forging a path of entrepreneurial success that continues to thrive under his guidance.

CEO of Luxury In Every Wave (LEW)

At the helm of Luxury in Every Wave, Dearonne, alongside his partner and wife, Pamela, serves as the CEO of a premier property management company. Their collective expertise ensures a seamless experience for both homeowners and renters, offering unparalleled service and optimal rates. With a commitment to excellence, they have transformed Luxury in Every Wave into a thriving venture that redefines luxury vacation accommodations.

CEO of Treazure Studios

Introducing Treazure Studios, the latest venture by Dearonne, poised to revolutionize the salon industry. Beyond hairstyling, Treazure Studios empowers contracted stylists with a unique focus on financial literacy through educational courses, exclusive investment opportunities and retirement account establishment, all aimed at fostering generational wealth. As anticipation mounts, we eagerly await the unveiling of this pioneering concept that promises to shape not the salon industry but also the future prosperity of those it touches.

Key Principal of Tri-City Equity Group

Occupying the pivotal role of Key Principal at Tri-City Equity Group, Dearonne embodies the essence of their investment endeavors, a venture birthed alongside his partner and fellow conference co-host, Vince Gethings. With an active role in identifying and evaluating promising real estate properties, as well as his own investments, Dearonne fuels the company’s growth trajectory, mirroring the same core tenets of financial enlightenment that are upheld at the Millionaire’s Mindset Blueprint Conference.

Entrepreneur 2023 SBA Veteran Owners of The Year

In a resounding testament to his entrepreneurial hustle and commitment to excellence, Dearonne Beathea emerged victorious as the recipient of the esteemed SBA Veteran Owned 2023 award for the state of Hawai’i. His relentless dedication and visionary leadership have propelled his businesses to remarkable heights, garnering recognition and acclaim within the community

Thrive Marketing

Thrive Marketing Co is an avant-garde marketing agency that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to amplify brands and drive transformative growth. Catering predominantly to mid-sized enterprises, our unique blend of innovative AI-driven strategies and a client-centric ethos ensures tailor-made solutions that resonate deeply with target audiences. Rooted in values of integrity and excellence, Thrive is not just about traditional marketing; we’re shaping the future of brand engagement in an AI-augmented world.

Blacksand Property Management

Blacksand Property Management oversees and manages Multifamily properties. This includes directing the daily operations of property including collecting rent, handling maintenance, tenant complaints and more. Blacksand Property Management is a vertically integrated company focused on privately owned Multifamily assets of its partner controlled portfolio.

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You’re Paying Too Much in Fees

Our financial lives are littered with fees: for buying a home, hiring an investment adviser, putting money into mutual funds. We can’t escape them. But there are ways to reduce the pain.

CPB customers honored as top small business winners in Hawaii

HONOLULU, HI (March 23, 2023) – Central Pacific Bank (CPB) is proud to announce its small business customers have won 13 of the 17 Top Small Business Awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Hawaii Pacific-Islands District Office. The annual SBA Small Business Awards for Hawaii will be presented to the recipients at a ceremony to be held on May 4, 2023 at the YWCA of Oahu. “CPB has always supported small business owners by providing financial resources and expertise to help them grow their businesses,” said CPB President and CEO Arnold Martines. “We offer our heartfelt congratulations to all of the winners for their well-deserved recognition and success!” “All of the awardees are recognized for their accomplishments as

3 questions with Band of Brothers, SBA’s top veteran-owned business in Hawaii

Dearonne Bethea is the founder and CEO of Band of Brothers Investment Group, which was named the U.S. Small Business Administration Hawaii District Office’s Veteran Business of the Year for the State of Hawaii this month. The CEO of the U.S. Small Business Administration Hawaii District Office’s Veteran Business of the Year for Hawaii reflects on how serving in the military set him up to lead a company.

Relationships Are Key to Capital

Dearonne Bethea, center, and business partners, Julian Simmons, left, and Jerome Easter, right, opened their Anytime Fitness gym in Honolulu in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Dearonne Bethea and his business partners were able to open a new Anytime Fitness gym in Honolulu in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, but permitting delays and the lack of a relationship with lenders nearly cost them their construction financing.

Texas Multifamily Property Acquired by Tri-City Equity Group

Tri-City Equity Group has acquired Kings Landing, a 64-unit multifamily property in Mansfield, TX. The price was not given out. Currently 100% occupied, Kings Landing has 64 units, with 48 units completed in 1975 and 16 units completed in 1985. The property consists of all one- and two-bedroom floor plans, with an average unit size of 765 sf. All units have individual HVACs, and a portion of the units have been upgraded. Located just one mile from downtown Mansfield, Kings Landing enjoys a strategic location that provides convenient access to major transportation routes, including State Highway 360 and US Highway 287. The city’s proximity to major employment centers such as Dallas/Fort Worth and the Mid-Cities provides a consistent flow of

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